About us

Al Khaleej Tax Consultancy LLC (TAX AGENCY NUMBER: 30004766) was established in the third quarter of 2017 to be one of the first companies in the UAE specialized in the field of taxation. Our team of highly trained tax advisors and professionals are well positioned to provide advisory services in line with leading global practices.

At Al Khaleej, we aim to raise awareness with respect to the application and implications of Value Added Tax (VAT) and Excise tax in the UAE. We will work with various groups impacted by the tax regimen in order to raise the level of compliance with the requirements of the law and assist business owners in overcoming the obstacles that they may encounter in applying and complying with the tax law.

The company will also carry out its social duty by holding free specialized seminars and workshops to introduce VAT and Excise tax to the business sector and the general public alike.

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